Sipnode users

Sipnode has three different user types:

  • Users
  • Callshops
  • Salespersons

Users and callshops are similar but callshops sell its calls and users not. A user could be an enterprise with its IP phones. Callshops has a panel where it can manage its booths.

Salespersons are people with search for customers and has a panel where he can see which are their customers and how much they spend.

User parameters:

We can highligh following parameters:

  • User
  • Password
  • Allow losscall
  • Call limit
  • LCR
  • Prepaid
  • Tariff
  • Credit

User: Web access user.
Password: Web access password.
Allow losscall: Sipnode will allow calls with a negative profit.
Call limit: Max simultaneous calls for an user.
LCR: LCR (route) for the user.
Prepaid: Balance need to be possitive to send calls.
Tariff: Tariff which applies.
Credit: User can send calls although he had negative balance until credit limit.

Callshop parameters:

A callshop has same parameters as an user except it could have until three routes instead one.