Tariff management

Sipnode tariff management

Sipnode has two groups of tariffs: user tariffs and provider tarifss. User tariffs are those which the system apply to bill users and callshops. Provider tariffs will be used to get call cost and calculate call profit.

Those two tariff groups are managed in the same way. We can see following options in the tariff list:

  • View tariff
  • Delete tariff
  • Import tariff
  • Duplicate tariff

View tariff: We can see all prefixes and destination. We can also add new destinations.
Delete tariff: We can delete a tariff only if it is not being used.
Import tariff: We will load the tariff content from a CSV file.
Duplicate tarifa: We will get a new tariff with the samen content as the original one.

Importing tariffs

Using the import wizard we can generate the content of tariff from a CSV file.

In the first step we will select the file and delimiter.

In the second step we will associate each file column with the data it contains. We can set a value for PC, PSI, PSI and SG instead loading from the file.

We will see total rows imported in the third step.