Sipnode routing

LCR is the main concept of Sipnode routing. A LCR contains one or more providers ordered with different ways that will be used to route a call.

LCR types

Sipnode has three LCR types:


Each LCR type orders providers within it in a different way.
PRIORITY orders using a priority setted by the user.
PRICE orders from lower to higher price.
El tipo WEIGHT uses a weight to send more calls to higher weigth providers.

PRIORITY and PRICE resulting order will be the same for different calls. WEIGTH type will have different order for different calls so it uses a random generator plus weigth to send calls to different providers.


The user can enable failover in order to try send the call to another provider when one fails.

Jump rules

Each LCR also implements jump rules to jump from one LCR to another in some conditions as a prefix o destination. This way the user can implement different quality routes for example selecting which prefixes are sent to a provider. The system can jump a maximum of five times per call.