Sipnode devices

A device is the hardware (IP phone, gateways...) or software (softphones, softswitches) which send calls to Sipnode.

One user has one or more devices to do its calls. You must to fill in a SIP user and SIP password for each device. Those user and password will be configured in order to send calls.

Device parameters

  • User
  • Password
  • Alias
  • Caller ID
  • Call limit
  • Numbering rules
  • NAT
  • Answer notification

User: Device SIP user.
Password: Device SIP password.
Alias: A string to identify the device inside Callshop panel. BOOTH 1 for example.
Caller ID: Caller id will be sent to each provider.
Call limit: Max number of simultaneous calls the device can make.
Numbering rules: Numbering rules plan that will apply to call from the device.
NAT: Enabled for devices behind a NAT.
Answer notification: User making the call will hear a notification when remote party answer the call.